Our Values

  1. Idiosynchrony embodies and voices temporalities.

2. Idiosynchrony is collaborative.

    1. Our collaborators, hereafter referred to as Contributors, are essential to this project. Contributors' recorded words give life to Idiosynchrony.

    2. We promise to treat our Contributors' recordings as we would treat our own and in all editing processes, we will do our best to preserve contributors’ creative intent.

    3. As Idiosynchrony is the realization of a collective creative labor, we respect, protect, and celebrate creative workers.

      1. All work is protected under a Attribution/Non-Commercial/No Derivatives 4.0 Creative Commons License.

      2. As funding becomes available, we are committed to compensating our contributors.

      3. Idiosynchrony is not obsessed with notions of originality. Idiosynchrony imagines citationality as a practice and a value.

        1. All Contributors will be credited in edited recordings, promotional materials, and online.

        2. Contributors, individuals, and organizations who provide content or services to this project will be thanked and credited both on our website and in published episodes.

    4. How else?

3. Idiosynchrony is inclusive.

    1. Idiosynchrony is committed to including voices from a wide range of identities and backgrounds.

    2. Anyone who wishes to submit a recording will be welcomed.

    3. Idiosynchrony folds together, but cannot subsume, incommensurable differences between people and experiences.

      1. We will not erase differences or attempt to equate experiences. Though we may weave stories and voices together, we are not highlighting a fundamental sameness or difference.

    4. How else?

4. Idiosynchrony is accessible.

    1. All episodes will be transcribed. Transcriptions will be available on this website and elsewhere as appropriate.

    2. We will never charge money (or otherwise incur a cost) for those who listen or want to contribute.

    3. We will make every effort to make all communications, particularly our website, as assessible as possible.

      1. This includes captioning all images and following published website assessibility guidelines.

    4. How else?

5. Idiosynchrony approaches its participants and its publics with integrity and transparency.

    1. All relevant production processes, including that of editing, will be explained in writing and published on our website.

    2. We are currently unable to pay our collaborators. If funding is ever a part of our process, budgets will be freely available on our website.

    3. How else?

6. Idiosynchrony is not always happy, but it is an ongoing act of joy.

    1. We are committed to celebrating the temporal, the passing, the mortal, and the now that has become long-gone.

    2. As a project focused on the ongoing, Idiosynchrony is bound to change and evolve over time. We are committed to growing alongside and with the input of our audience and Contributors.

    3. How else?