Wryn is an artist and feminist and spreader of good vibes.

Wryn (she/her/hers) is an artist and architect. She received her training at Washington University in Saint Louis and earned a Bachelor of Arts in architecture with a second major in archaeology. During this time, she fostered a passion for creating art and learned the importance of making decisions by synthesizing art, history, and her present reality. These factors are the basis of her artistic language which is also driven by intentionality, sensitivity, veracity, and urgency palpable in her work. Wryn’s work has been featured in exhibitions that vary from local to international levels. Her work on a proposed Shoah memorial was shown in a group exhibition at the Museo Novecento in Florence, Italy in January of 2019. From April 24th to May 22nd 2019, she was part of the photography exhibition Transcendence Perfection Bliss of the Beyond at the Dark Room in Saint Louis, Missouri. From May 11th to the 17th of the same year, she also had work installed in the Year End Show (YES) at Washington University in Saint Louis.

Visit her website, wryn.myportfolio.com and check out her Instagram, @wryn_artist.


Cycle 2