Mee Jey

Mee Jey is an Interdisciplinary artist mother.

Mazeophobic and talkative, Mee Jey loves to experiment with material and mediums and co-heads a relational art project called ‘Artologue: Art for All’. She creates her own little-big world with all kinds of materials she collects and in different mediums. Aware of her phobia, Mee often creates a community of her each art project. Mee has been using the social media platforms since 2013 for many of her performances and time-based projects as a social interactive and exhibition platform in real time of the project.

Idea is a living being for Mee that takes shape through a process and out grows her all initial expectations. Embracing chances and other unplanned elements including availibility of materials and her own physical limitations, the ‘process’ become a deciding factor of Mee’s works. Organic and intuitive in nature, Mee loves to let the art work grow at its own pace and assume a form that was not planned.

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Cycle 2

11:45am | 1:00pm