Caroline LeDuc

Caroline LeDuc is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, and aspiring sunflower.

Caroline LeDuc is a theatre-maker, performer, and visual artist, interested in facilitating storytelling through the intersection of these practices. Her visual practice is focused in drawing, painting, and sculptural installation. As she has progressed in her study/exploration of both fields, most recently with her Studio Art Degree from Wake Forest University in 2019, and the completion of her time as an Acting Apprentice with the Horizon Theatre’s 2019/20 Apprentice Company, she has found recurring interest in the *process* of art making (in any form, visual or performative), and specifically the performative nature that process can take within a work of visual art, from intentional/unintentional marks of the artist’s bodily presence within the work (ya know, obnoxious words for like a fingerprint or a gestural mark), to most recently beginning to explore animation as a potential tool for combining theatre and the artifact-nature of visual art. (Perhaps most importantly, she is an ever-aspiring sunflower.)


Cycle 1

3:15pm | 12:00pm